3 June 2020 Sprint

Mark Klenin has been part of World Challenge America competition for several years. Klenin pilots the #62 Sin R1 GT4 in Pirelli GT4 America for KPR. Read more on Mark in this Driver Download!


Team: Klenin Performance Racing
Car: Sin R1 GT4

Age: 58
Hometown: Lone Tree, Colorado
Birthday: February 18
Favorite Track: Barber Motorsports Park
Daily Driver: Volvo Pulse Star
Dream Car: La Ferrari
Racing Hero: Ian James
Favorite Food: Lobster
Favorite Hobby: Racing and Selling
Occupation: Owner of Premiere Copier Products
Favorite Vacation Spot: Hawaii
Pet names: Scuderia, Bimmer & Bentley
First Car: Datsun Pick Up Truck
Favorite Movie: Buggsy
Favorite TV Show: Two and a Half Men


How was the season opener at COTA?
This year at COTA my car was not corroborating and it kept breaking down. It gave me a ton of frustration and nothing I did would get me to a checkered flag.

How did you get into racing?
I was having a fun drive at my local track, Byers Raceway, and a coach was watching me and approached me after and asked if I ever thought about racing. I said absolutely and the rest is history.  

What is your favorite racing memory?
Winning at Canada was a huge accomplishment for me. The first year I raced there I was so bad I thought I would never understand the track. So it was bittersweet for me.

What’s the story behind your helmet design?
No story, just cool looking.

Something interesting about you or a hidden talent?
I never give up on anything I want in life.

If you could invite 3 people to dinner, who would it be and why?
Well, this may sound superficial but Ann Hathaway, Michelle Phifer and Warren Beaty. They are all beautiful people.

You obviously enjoy and have a passion for racing. But tell us about Racing for Paws and how you support it through your race efforts.

Racing for Paws is a nonprofit my wife, Jamie, started several years ago. Together we have been able to partner with World Challenge in bringing awareness to animal rescues by bringing local rescues to the tracks where we race. It gives the locals a chance to hear about what they do and help raise money for them. I have personally given my winnings to several rescues we have worked with. Racing is something I love but giving back will always feel so much better! Plus, I know the love of a rescue dog. My heart was stolen by a Pomeranian rescue, Bentley. He is my baby boy and the unconditional love we have for each other is something you can never buy or win.