CrowdStrike Fastest Lap Award - Every Second Counts

4 September 2020 Sprint, SprintX

A new addition to the awards for the 2020 season of GT World Challenge America powered by AWS is the CrowdStrike Fastest Lap Award. Here’s a look into the background story of the award and how it relates to CrowdStrike.

“At CrowdStrike, every second counts. That’s not just a slogan or flashy catch phrase. It truly is the life-blood of our business. As one of the world leaders in cybersecurity and cloud protection, we know our reputation of protecting our customers’ sensitive data is established in a matter of seconds. We take the same approach on the racetrack of making every second count towards a greater goal. Speed on the fastest laps of North America is critical, as are quick and efficient pit stops to gain positions in any of SRO’s GT World Challenge powered by AWS events. CrowdStrike’s latest offering – the Falcon Platform – provides and unprecedented level of security by stopping data breaches with a complete set of cloud-delivered technologies that prevent attacks from malware to more critical invasions, all to help achieve the “1-10-60 Rule.” In business and in racing: Every Second Counts.

That’s why we’ve partnered with GT World Challenge America to recognize those drivers who embody the penchant to win, faster – those who achieve the fastest lap around the racetrack in their respective class. A fast lap is the result of finely-tuned precision from the crew, expert strategy from the team, and pure skill from the driver. The Fastest Lap in a race is the perfect harmony of these elements to achieve the best possible outcome, a goal that an entire field of pro and amateur drivers is competing for throughout a 40-, 50-, 60-, or 90- minute competition.”

Nearing the end of the season, our winners of the CrowdStrike Fastest Lap Award in Pirelli GT4 America are:

GT4 Sprint:

  • Spencer Pumpelly: 4
  • Drew Staveley: 3
  • Michael Cooper: 3
  • Greg Liefooghe: 1

GT4 SprintX:

  • Bill Auberlen: 3
  • Jason Hart: 2
  • Mads Siljehaug: 2
  • Jon Miller: 1
  • Nick Wittmer: 1
  • Kris Wilson: 1
  • Robby Foley: 1

The final award will be a prize package from CrowdStrike to the driver with the most total fastest laps for the season.