Remembering the Fallen: An SRO America Competitor Remembers His Family During our Nation's Darkest Time

22 September 2020 SprintX

Andretti Autosport driver Colin Mullan Races with a Constant Memorialization of Family Lost During the September 11th attacks.

Colin Mullan, driver of the #36 Andretti Autosport Window World of Michigan McLaren 570s GT4 along with Jarett Andretti, carries a special decal with him around the track each weekend that sits next to the #CheckIt4Andretti decal, a special one for Jarett. We sat down with Colin this past weekend at Circuit of the Americas to find out the story behind the decal.

Michael Mullan, cousin to Colin Mullan’s father was a firefighter with a big heart and willingness to help others who sadly was in the September 11th attacks. Michael had many roles in his life, all ones that helped others, including being a firefighter, paratrooper and a nurse. On September 11, 2001, he was called to the Marriott Hotel next door to the World Trade Center alongside a firefighter in training. Once on-site, Michael heard the calls for assistance from his fellow firefighters inside. They were told to evacuate the area so Michael sent his firefighter in training on and went inside himself to help the others.

With a lot of family on the East Coast, Mullan and his father have been able to share special times with them remembering Michael and the true hero he was at the Ground Zero Memorial in New York, a special and emotional place for all.

Mullan’s racing career started at the age of 5 in quarter midgets on pavement and he has since then worked his way up the ladder where he now co-pilots with Andretti. The decal holds a special place in Colin and his family's heart while also remembering Michael Mullan in a light that embodies the man he was. Colin incorporates Michael and his remembrance into his different forms of racing, always having him be a part of his racing career. Colin's dad knows Michael would really think what Colin is doing is amazing and would be a big fan. They feel Michael is keeping him safe while on the track.

With a car full of decals, this Andretti Autosport Window World of Michigan McLaren holds special stories and memories for each driver. We want to highlight the life of Michael Mullan and the true heroism he showed on September 11th.