Zac Anderson and Auto Technic Racing’s Journey to the Silver Pirelli GT4 America Championship

Zac Anderson and Auto Technic Racing’s Journey to the Silver Pirelli GT4 America  Championship

Zac Anderson came into the 2023 Pirelli GT4 America season just like any other year, utilizing the same mindset and approach to pave his path to success. His composure, work ethic, experience, and commitment to continuous improvement are all elements that have made it possible for him to extract maximum performance on track. As a result, this not only culminated in four wins and an additional eight podium finishes with Auto Technic Racing this past year, but also enabled him to clinch the Silver Championship title at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

“I’ve been competing in wheel-to-wheel racing all my life, and having a strong foundation in my pre-season preparation is a necessity,” said Zac Anderson. “Maintaining a consistent physical training regimen is important, but I also make sure to keep up with my driver development in other ways, such as karting and simulator work, in order to remain versatile. My coaching work has also been greatly beneficial as it allows me to squeeze out as much practice time as possible in a number of different race cars.”

When looking back at the past season, there were certainly numerous poignant moments that could be highlighted over the course of the fourteen rounds, but one stood out in particular to the Texan.

“Circuit of the Americas was definitely the most enjoyable victory,” he reminisced. “It’s a very special feeling to win at your home track. We had an exceptionally strong performance and accumulated a 13-second lead by the time we crossed the finish line. I’m still very confident that we would have swept the event had things played out a bit differently in Race Two that weekend.”

Anderson recounted other significant moments that shaped him throughout the season. There was the first win at NOLA Motorsports Park, which resulted in the truest form of a photo finish as the team won by a mere 0.001 seconds. He recalled the time he led throughout the entirety of his opening stint at VIRginia International Raceway while managing a brake pedal issue. This then brought him to the unique resilience required for Road America.

The team faced a big obstacle to overcome under the difficult circumstances of the absence of Anderson’s teammate John Capestro-Dubets due to injury. Therefore, Anderson faced the task of completing the rounds as a solo driver.

“I felt like I had to prove myself in a lot of ways,” he explained. “I approached those weekends very purposefully and focused on trying to be in a positive mindset while pushing out the negatives. It was challenging to not have access to that exchange of information and knowledge from my teammate. We rely on each other so much throughout the entire process of a race weekend, and use each other’s data in order to gain a better understanding of the car and how to extract as much performance as possible out of it. I had to cultivate a lot of trust in myself and have confidence in my ability to stay on the limit throughout the whole weekend.”

The team was in a position to claim the Silver Team Championship title at the final round at the Brickyard, which they went on to achieve following a podium finish in the opening race. However, Anderson still faced a difficult situation ahead of him.

“There was still an opportunity for us to do well in Race Two on the Sunday, which would have impacts in the Driver’s Championship,” he continued. “Depending on the outcome, we were looking into the possibility of me renouncing my points accumulated during the rounds in which I drove solo. John has played a huge part in the development and success of Auto Technic Racing, and I wanted to be able to celebrate a Driver’s Title together. Unfortunately it didn't work out that way, but the championship win remains a surreal feeling as it reflects all the hard work, dedication, and camaraderie we showcased all season long.”