Interview: Lara Tallman

28 February 2019 SprintX E

Lara Tallman’s Rearden Racing operation is gearing up for an ambitious 2019 season with three cars set to enter the Pirelli GT4 America season opener at Circuit of The Americas in addition to a TC America entry.

This week in the Pirelli Paddock Pass, Tallman looks ahead to the season to come, weighs in on being one of only a few female team owners in the sport, and more.

How excited are you about your 2019 programs?

“Really excited. I’m always excited to be running a Pirelli GT4 American and TC America program. I’m glad it all came together.

“Vesko Kozarov will be with Jeff Burton in the SprintX West and we’re really excited about that because it gives Jeff some good coaching and a great driver for him to work with. Then Sarah Cattaneo and Owen Trinkler are doing the whole year.