TRG Delivers More of GT4 with New Porsches and New Livery for Pirelli GT4 America

TRG Delivers More of GT4 with New Porsches and New Livery for Pirelli GT4 America

PETALUMA, CA: The Racers Group prepares to return to a full season of GT racing beginning February 25-27 at The Grand Prix of St. Petersburg—a fabled street circuit that will get any racing fan’s heart pounding.

This year’s racing competition will continue with Pirelli GT4 America, with two-driver teams competing in 60-minute double-header weekends. TRG is thrilled to field two GT4 teams throughout the 2022 season. In TRG’s distinguished #66, veteran TRG Driver Derek DeBoer teams up with former TRG co-driver from 2016, Jason Alexandridis. And, Dr. Jim Rappaport returns with co-driver Todd Hetherington in TRG's #17. Todd was a newcomer in the 2021 season, and will experience his first full GT4 racing season this year. In addition to terrific experienced and skilled drivers, TRG’s secret ingredient this season will be two brand new 2022 Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 RS Clubsports with soon-to-be-unveiled eye-popping team livery. 

All team drivers will compete together for the first time this season on home turf at Sonoma Raceway on April 15, 16 and 17. TRG has a special relationship with this track which is situated in our own backyard. The TRG team looks forward to laying down some competitive times—and, perhaps, a bit of rubber—in the pursuit of podium finishes. 

The season rounds out with 6 more races, including TRG’s first visit to the newly completed 3.87 mile Ozarks International Raceway in Lake of the Ozarks, Mo. in May, and Derek DeBoer’s return to the streets of Nashville at the Music City Grand Prix at the beginning of August. See TRG’s 2022 Schedule.

Sponsors Provide the Competitive Edge
TRG welcomes back LaSalle Solutions as sponsor, stalwart supporter, ally and friend for 10 seasons runningFastlife.TV and Rebounderz Adventure Park, plus Adobe Road WineryBRM ChronographesAutoLeadStar, and Auto Moto will support #66. PLUS, Derek DeBoer, has cemented a creative collaboration with BRM, Artist, Robert Williams and the Auto Moto Film Festival. Check out the cutting edge design and watch for Robert Williams-inspired livery on #66 Sonoma Raceway in April.
Dr. Jim and Todd are once again sponsored by LaSalle Solutions, Silver State Medical Consultants, W Holdings, LLC, LienstarWestpark Capital and Adobe Road Winery in the patriotic #17.

Fast Cars and Fine Wine
To herald the arrival of the 2022 GT4 Racing Season, TRG has teamed up with Adobe Road Winery and LaSalle Solutions to create a VIP Grand Prix Race Weekend Experience. This 3-day adventure filled with trackside action and social events is custom crafted for fans of GT and Indy racing alike.


Derek DeBoer

"I’m feeling some wonderful energy as I’m entering my 10th season with this great team! The support from The Racers Group, and consistent belief from LaSalle Solutions, and BRM Chronographes certainly keeps us pointing towards success. I couldn’t be more excited to be reunited with Jason Alexandridis, a close friend and co-driver from 2016. Together, we have achieved many podiums, race wins and a team championship, and we aim to keep that momentum alive. In our new TRG#66 — a completely redesigned 2022 Porsche Cayman GT4 RS Clubsport—and with full-season teammates, Todd Hetherington and Dr. Jim Rappaport, we have the best platform available. This gives us a big blast of confidence as we take on this extremely competitive field. TRG and our great partners have become family, so I’m super grateful to be getting back together and getting the season underway!We are also expanding on our family project: FASTLIFE, Let’s Go the Children’s book, written by my wife Brooke and illustrated by my daughter Paige. We are very thankful for everyone involved in the project and are anxious to get the heartwarming story into many hands! More information on the book and our charitable initiatives at"

Derek DeBoer will be driving #66/LaSalle Solutions / FASTLIFE.TV / BRM / AutoLeadStar / Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport with co-driver Jason Alexandridis. 


Jason Alexandridis

"Thrilled. This is probably the best word I can use to describe my feelings coming into this 2022 season. It was 2016 when Derek DeBoer and I paired up for the inaugural PWC Sprint X season. We were the early pioneers of this new race format and we developed an incredibly strong bond with each other, the series, and with TRG. Since then, Derek and I had always hoped the stars would align and we could compete together again for a full season championship. Now six years later, that day has finally arrived and Derek and I will pilot the iconic TRG #66 new 2022 Porsche Cayman GT4 ClubSport for the entire 2022 season. It's truly an honor to be back with such a storied team, exceptional crew, and a team captain as experienced as Kevin Buckler. I am also looking forward to working alongside Jim Rappaport and Todd Hetherington. As a team we will be testing together, sharing our thoughts and strategies, and competing for the championship. I couldn't be more ready to jump back in the saddle and ride this new and capable stallion into the winner's circle."

Jason Alexandridis will be driving #66/LaSalle Solutions / FASTLIFE.TV / BRM / AutoLeadStar / Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport with co-driver Derek DeBoer. 


Dr. Jim Rappaport
Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness (in our case, happiness is perfection and speed). Last season did not add to the podium finish list, of which there are 25, but it did add to the experience and memory list in a great way. I was able to race with my coach and long-time mentor, Robert Orcutt, at Sonoma Raceway. Then, I had the opportunity to finish the season with my new co-driver, Todd Hetheringon. It was a great experience to see him and our team grow in skill and confidence.”

Dr. Rappaport will be driving #17 TRG /Silver State Medical Consultants / LienStar / Westpark Capital / LaSalle Solutions / Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport, with co-driver Todd Hetherington.



Todd Hetherington
"'Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory' —Dr.Seuss…That said, the memories of last season were of many emotions, excitement being one. I'm excited for my 2nd season with TRG and running the new Porsche Cayman GT4 RS Clubsport and excited to again work with my Co-Driver, Dr. Jim Rappaport, and teammates Derek DeBoer and Jason Alexandridis. I am confident with these guys and the incredible TRG team along with the guidance of Kevin Buckler that we will have a successful season and continue to improve our race-craft. I'm excited for the challenges in front of me and thankful for all the support from Sponsors, teammates, friends and family. Go TRG in 2022.”

Todd Hetherington will be driving #17 TRG /Silver State Medical Consultants / LienStar / Westpark Capital / LaSalle Solutions / Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport, with co-driver Dr. Jim Rappaport. 



Kevin Buckler
Founder and CEO of The Racers Group

“I am thrilled to be at the helm as The Racers Group enters it’s 29th season, and so proud to bring back 4 terrific and seasoned drivers to Team TRG. As we’ll be fielding both teams in brand new 2022 Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 RS Clubsports, I’m fully expecting some championship driving throughout the season. The new fleet will be unveiled at Sonoma Raceway in April. There’s no better place than our home turf to show off the truly impressive capability of these racecars and their fun and inspiring livery. And, before the new car smell is gone, I know we’ll have some well-earned podium finishes.

Derek DeBoer and Jason Alexandridis will share time behind the wheel of TRG’s #66, and they are old teammates from back in 2016. Derek brings back his impressive race craft and high level of professionalism to the combo—plus a little Hollywood Glitter as the star of his own reality series, Fastlife.TV. Jason returns to the team bringing his extensive racing knowledge, his competitive spirit, and his company, Rebounderz Adventure Parks as sponsor. 

Not to be outdone in spirit, Dr. Jim Rappaport and Todd Hetherington will be driving the patriotic #17. Dr. Jim’s precision and skill behind the wheel mirror the skill set he has honed for his day job as Spinal Surgeon with Silver State Medical Consultants. Todd Hetherington comes to TRG with streetwise skills from his club racing background. He got a few races under his belt last season, co-driving with Dr. Jim, and we are all eager to welcome him back to the paddock, the track and the team.

I want to also acknowledge the continued enthusiastic support of LaSalle Solutions and Steve and Violet Robb, long-term sponsors and close-friends of TRG. LaSalle and Steve have long seen the value of motorsports as a gateway to increased brand awareness and avenue to greater business-to-business connections.
There are so many individuals—friends, employees and drivers—who make each TRG racing weekend competitive, thrilling and fun. We are all so happy to return to a full season of racing and be together again — like the racing family we are.
I look forward to seeing many of you at our first race in Florida where Derek DeBoer will take on the streets of St. Petersburg in the Grand Prix, February 25-27. Let’s get ready to race!”